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I ate this salad by the time you read this, which is true of every salad I post. I don't just make them, and throw them away.
This salad has the things in the title plus a few other things. Enjoy your lunch. I can't get enough of that smoked gouda. Go find some and get more than you think you need!
Hi, I'm back. I was too busy to post photos! Darn! This salad was sweet and savory and delicious all at the same time. Oh look, carrot sticks!
This salad was good! Salami, parmesan, blueberries, broccoli, red pepper, radish and italian dressing. It was delicious.
The lid is on this one, because it's too much salad FOR ANYONE!
This smoked pulled pork and sharp cheddar salad will make you wonder why you aren't living the good life. It's easy folks, just stop making sad, boring lunches full of leftover pasta.
It's in a fancy glass tub, with mixed greens and spicy buffalo chicken. You'd like it!
If you want cucumbers on your salad, you can have them fresh, pickled or both. Pickles paired well with the smoked salami in this one!